Applying a Human Rights Based-Approach

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Information & advocacy

The SFHR works to promote human rights through information and advocacy. Through seminars, media articles, information activities and publications, we want to contribute to increased knowledge, an exchange of experiences and a broad discussion on human rights in every day life.

The SFHR wants Sweden to live up to its international human rights commitments. We therefore coordinate civil society’s alternative reporting to the UN committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (ECOSOC) in order to complement the government’s report on the human rights situation in Sweden.

The SFHR pursues an ongoing dialogue with policy- and decision-makers and is part of the public consultation process on proposed human rights legislation.

About us

The Swedish Foundation for Human Rights works for a world where human rights are respected, societal actors have good knowledge of their responsibilities and each person is aware of their rights, and has tools to claim them.

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