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In Sweden

- Since 1991 SFHR provides human rights education to decision-makers in governmental agencies, civil society organisations as well as private companies to stress the importance of human rights from different perspectives and within different areas. Awareness raising has  been achieved also through trainings, our publications, booklets, workshops and seminars.

- SFHR submits joint shadow reports and List of Issues to UN Committees and is responsible for the coordination of the shadow report to the UN Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights.

- In the focus area of redress the SFHR has recently focused specifically on the situation of Roma in Sweden with the aim to engage politicians to offer redress for Roma for their historical and present suffering. In April 2015 SFHR released a report on this issue, called “What Justice for Sweden´s Roma? The report highlighted what has been done in the field of redress and also contained concrete recommendations to Swedish policy makers on what ought to be done by applying mechanisms of transitional justice.


- In our international programme we have a long-standing collaboration with human rights organisations in Africa, Latin America and Asia. Through our support human rights organisations in over 30 countries have been established and developed. These countries include; DRC, Uganda, Nigeria, Kenya, Haiti, Cuba, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Burma.

- We have consultative status with ECOSOC and observer status with the African Commission on Human Rights and use this for advocacy and information sharing.

- Our work has contributed to developing international law. For example the SFHR supported the litigation of a case, which led to the first judgement were rape crime was classified as torture.

- Our work has also contributed to set LGBT-rights on the political agenda in Caribbean states.

- The Swedish Platform for Colombia is a joint project between ten Swedish civil society organisations, whose objective is to promote a sustainable peace in Colombia through strengthening democratic governance, respect for human rights and social justice. Since 2011, the Swedish Foundation for Human Rights hosts the coordination of the Swedish Platform for Colombia.



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The Swedish Foundation for Human Rights works for a world where human rights are respected, societal actors have good knowledge of their responsibilities and each person is aware of their rights, and has tools to claim them.

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