Applying a Human Rights Based-Approach

Huvudbild t Vår verksamhetssidan (beskuren)

How we work

The aim is to highlight how international law and international legal instruments can be used to influence society in a democratic and peaceful direction. Over and above promoting human rights directly, the SFHR strives to clarify the implications and practical significance of applying a rights-based perspective.

How do we achieve this?

- Through education and advocacy we raise knowledge and awareness of human rights among different stakeholders within society.

- Through examination and monitoring we strengthen the respect and fulfilment of human rights, access to justice and redress of human rights violations.

- Through support to civil society-organisations’ work to promoting and protecting human rights.

All our activities are based on the dual notions of applying a rights-based approach to development, as well as and a gender perspective. Our point of departure is human rights as they are defined in global and regional human rights instruments, as well as in relevant decisions and guidelines. Through seminars, media outlets, information activities and publications, we want to contribute to increased knowledge, an exchange of experiences and a broad discussion on human rights in everyday life.

In order to act as a catalyst and promote coordination between different actors we often collaborate with other organisations, both in Sweden and internationally, and we strive to bring together these two spheres. The result is a methodology where we utilise the experiences from international partners in our work in Sweden, while the experience gained through the work in Sweden also benefit partners in other countries.


About us

The Swedish Foundation for Human Rights works for a world where human rights are respected, societal actors have good knowledge of their responsibilities and each person is aware of their rights, and has tools to claim them.

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