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The SFHR provides human rights training. We help authorities, private companies, civil society organisations and policy-makers to learn more about what it means to apply a rights-based approach. We provide tailor-made trainings to satisfy individual requirements.

Human rights are both easy and difficult. They are based on a simple principle – the equality of all people. But what does this mean in practice? What does it mean to apply a rights-based approach in a municipality or in an organisation? And can the application of a rights-perspective provide direction for decision-making?

Human rights affect every part of our lives. Everything; work and education, health and leisure, participation in society, our intimate relationships, our need for safety and security is permeated by it. Knowledge of human rights and an understanding of how they are implemented is essential in all areas.

Our human rights training expert provides customised courses, lectures and workshops for all your needs, to help make human rights more applicable to you!

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The Swedish Foundation for Human Rights works for a world where human rights are respected, societal actors have good knowledge of their responsibilities and each person is aware of their rights, and has tools to claim them.

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